Synergistic Environmental Solutions, Inc.

Solids Management and and Alternative Fuels

A major opportunity for the water and wastewater industry is the development of custom strategies to allow each facility to convert its solids from a "waste problem" to a solution to someone else's problem.  Synergistic Environmental Solutions wants to help facilities realize the potential benefits of this process.


Wastewater processes present special opportunities to improve the efficiency of solids impacting operations and simultaneously improve the opportunity to create a high value byproduct that can be disposed of a lower cost or potentially sold for a profit.   


The opportunities to improve the quality of the final effluent and the quality of a alternative fuel can be realized at various stages in the process, including coagulation, flocculation, thickening, digestion, dewatering, and drying.   Depending on the processes used, traditional solids stabilization processes may not be required. 


Synergistic Environmental Solutions is experienced in the technologies that convert wastewater solids to alternative fuels.  We are working to develop new methods and technologies to convert these waste streams into desirable commodities.  In addition we are working with business allies to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients.