Synergistic Environmental Solutions, Inc. the Nexus of Water Wastewater and Energy.....

We apply project management, financial analysis and technical expertise to ensure that our clients select and implement appropriate technology to improve performance and lower operating costs.


  • Project Management
  • Regulatory Advocacy and Permitting
  • Reliability and Maintenance
  • Process Optimization
  • Technical Solutions
    • Water/Wastewater Process Optimization and Troubleshooting
    • Energy and Carbon Footprint Improvement 
    • Compliance Assessment and Improvement
    • Process Automation and Data Acquisition
    • Environmental and Operational Data Analysis
    • Wastewater Solids Management
    • Regulatory Advocacy and TMDLs


Simplifying Complexity

Our mission is to work with our customers to determine the best solutions to implement operationally simple changes that will improve financial, regulatory and environmental performance.


We Seek out Cost Saving Opportunities:

We are experienced in identifying opportunities to utilize existing capital and infrastructure to reduce the cost impact of capital improvements.  New technologies can make available additional capacity and optimize existing facilities, in many cases without the investment of significant capital or expanding the plant footprint.  These new technologies are often easier to operate, maintain and troubleshoot.    


Synergistic Environmental Solutions, Inc

Your partner for today's and tomorrow's problems!

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