Synergistic Environmental Solutions, Inc.

Energy Auditing and Improvements

The efficient utilization of energy is critical to the success of all water and wastewater operations.  Synergistic Environmental Solutions can help entities determine whether there is significant opportunity to lower their facilities energy and carbon footprint, assist in the determining the most appropriate improvements, and implementing and institutionalizing those improvements.


The audit process can be simple or comprehensive, depending on the needs of the client.  Some elements of the energy audit for each facility can include:


  • Lighting Audits

  • HVAC Audits

  • Pumping Audits

  • Aeration System Audits
  • Walk Through Process Audits

  • Detailed Process Audit

The development and implementation of innovative  strategies can result in dramatic performance improvements and cost reductions.  Improvements can include changes in diffusers, instrumentation and controls, replacement of blowers and operating strategies.  They key is to identify the optimal solutions that can be implemented at the lowest capital and infrastructure cost.  The attached paper and presentation delivered at WEFTEC 2001 provides some perspective on the opportunities possible when considering aeration improvements.