Synergistic Environmental Solutions, Inc.

Project Implementation and Value Engineering

Project Implementation

We have experience in obtaining funding for project approvals in during financially lean times.  In industrial settings, it is common for projects to be expected to pay back in 3 years or less.  Project Initiation tools can give you the confidence and documentation required to convince senior management and boards of directors to embrace innovative projects.  The Project Implementation Process will allow your staff or consulting engineers to clearly demonstrate why the selected project should be implemented.  The basic steps of the process will:

  • Ensure that your project has clear, measurable goals.           
  • Generate a variety of possible solutions.
  • Evaluate the potential solutions to determine the best options
  • Analyze the best options and select the best option for implementation.
  • Document the assumptions for assessing the success of the project over time. 


The culmination of the implementation process is the design, installation and commissioning of the project which can be led by your staff, consulting engineer or if needed, by Synergistic Environmental Solutions.