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Problem Definition and Problem Solving
Municipal/Industrial Wastewater Management


Solids Separation Processes (Coagulation, Flocculation, Thickening, Dewatering & Drying)


Alternative Solids Disposal Strategies


Energy Auditing


Comprehensive Wastewater Facility Permitting


Hazardous and Solid Waste Management


Industrial Pretreatment


TMDLs and Water Quality Based Permitting


Data Quality Objectives


Sampling and Analytical Data Collection and Management


Facilitating Stakeholder Involvement in Regulatory Processes


Asset and Reliability Management Systems Implementation


Environmental, Health and Safety Management System Implementation


Compliance Auditing




BS - Marine Engineering,    U. S. Coast Guard Academy New London, CT


MBA - Temple University, Philadelphia, PA


Licensed Professional Engineer in Virginia and Pennsylvania




Water Environment Federation


Pennsylvania Water Environment Association 


Eastern Pennsylvania Water Pollution Control Operations Association

Lawrence R. Sandeen, PE

President and Principal Consultant




Synergistic Environmental Solutions

   2010 - Present


President and Principal Cosultant

Supporting municipalities, authorities, industry and consulting engineers to improve wastewater operations by enhancing discharge quality, establishing asset management systems, and reducing operating costs,   Innovating solutions to reduce carbon footprint through energy audits, enhancing separations processes and the conversion of wastewater residuals to fuels.  Experienced in guiding stakeholder driven approaches that ensure that high quality data and sound science are use to develop regulatory standards and implementation plans. 


The Dow Chemical Company (formerly Rohm and Haas Company)

   1989 – 2010 


Bristol (PA) Site Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) Manager                                    

   ·      Managed wastewater operations and maintenance, including a 1.5 MGD industrial waste water treatment plant, restoring regulatory compliance, and reducing annual budgetary cost from $7.5 million to $3 million over 10 years.   

   ·      Leader in collaborative efforts among municipalities and industry to use sound science to impact TMDL(Total Maximum Daily Load) regulatory processes for organic compounds, PCBs (PolyChloroBiphenyls), WET(Whole Effluent Toxicity) and nutrient concerns in the Delaware Estuary.  These efforts saved the local economy millions of dollars while  advancing the goal of improving water quality and local ecosystems.

   ·      Provided leadership to sampling, analysis and data management programs involving PCBs, Volatile Organic Compounds and conventional pollutants (e.g.:  BOD and Solids)  

   ·      Represented Industry on the Toxics Advisory Committee of the Delaware River Basin Commission and facilitated the  implementation of effective, largely voluntary controls instead of numeric limits.    

   ·      Provided wastewater technical consulting services domestically and internationally, including travel to China, Japan and France.  Partnered with facilities to improve operations and restore regulatory compliance.   

   ·      Developed innovative opportunites to improve the cost structure of the manufacturing site through the commercialization of the onsite tank truck washing terminal, commerical acceptance/treatment of tankwagon wastewaters and acceptance of municipal wastewaters for treatment. 

   ·      Developed procedures and trainining program that trained a replacement WWTP operating staff in 90 days with no adverse safety or environmental impacts

   ·      Implemented innovative centrifuge dewatering system for comingled coagulated emulsion and biological solids saving $600.000 annually.

   ·      Restored & improved automation for a 1.5 MGD Industrial WWTP to allow unattended night operation, improving operations and lowering operating costs.


Senior Project Engineer, Bristol (PA) Site

   ·      Provided technical and project management support for the installation of low NOX burners on a hazardous waste/naural gas/oil fired boiler. 

   ·      Conducted detailed studies for biosolids dewatering and drying


Senior Environmental Engineer

Provided regulatory support for a large, multi-unit chemical production and research site, with responsibility for hazardous waste handling, emergency response planning, water/wastewater permitting, storage tank management and the implementation of an environmental management system:

   ·      Led project to improve the site’s waste handling practices.  Developed new procedures and training programs for a new waste management system.  Transformed the plants handling of hazardous wastes, resolved major EPA and Pennsylvania regulatory violations, and institutionalized practices that exceeded all regulatory requirements.

   ·      Implemented changes to wastewater management practices to remedy regulatory violations, realizing recurring annual savings in operating costs and fines of over $650 thousand.

   ·      Led team that identified and sampled over 100 old railroad cars containing out of date materials and waste.  Managed the disposal of wastes and demolition of the railroad cars to ensure compliance with residual and hazardous waste regulations.


Multi-Products Area Maintenance Manager          

   ·      Managed reliability and maintenance functions for a multi-products production unit at a large chemical facility.  Major efforts included implementation of asset management system and the restoration of pressurized chemical reactors to ASME code compliance.


Semi-Works (Research Pilot Plant) Maintenance and Design Manager

   ·      Managed a team of in-house and contract professionals to maintain the reasearch scale-up facilities and set up for experimental, pilot and interim manufacturing on new chemical products.  Processes included production of biocides, monomers, polymers requiring the safe handling of highly hazardous chemicals.


American Olean Tile Company

   1984 - 1989


Facility Engineer

   ·      Provided maintenance and plant engineering support to a 1 million square foot manufacturing and research facility

   ·      Implemented a comprehensive maintenance management system, including asset management, planning, scheduling, and inventory management. 


Special Project Foreman

   ·      Led special projects and served as relief forman for 7 maintenance trade foreman in a department with a complement of 130..


U. S. Coast Guard Officer

1978 - 1984